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   1A Total Safety

Safety Light Curtains

Safety Mat Systems

Ergonomic Palm Buttons

Safety Interface Modules

Safety PLC's

Safety Control Systems

Safety Interlock Switches


Stack Lights


Punch Press Clutch / Brake Controls

Resolver Based Clutch / Brake Controls

Time Based Brake Monitor

Rotary Cam Based Clutch / Brake Controls

Punch Press Automation Controls

Customized Punch Press Controls

Die Protection Systems

Programmable Limit Switches

Tonnage Monitoring

Servo Feed Interface

Risk Assessment


Plant Surveys

 Additional Products Available: 

  • Energy Isolation for LOTO
  • Single Point Lockout
  • Customized Control Panels
  • Control Reliable Controls
  • Press Brake Guarding
  • Lasersafe for hydraulic Press Brake Guarding